Clothes Encounter Of The Fourth Kind

Please tell me you weren’t expecting any pictures. But here’s Cooper, who doesn’t even have ANY briefs on.

(Disclaimer: We didn’t do a thing except take the picture. And poor thing does NOT know this is on the web.)

From your perspective, I realize my visits are completely unannounced and unexpected at best, and sometimes flat out inconvenient at the worst possible times.

You all know I never saddle you with a long, drawn out spiel, or God forbid, a hard-core sales pitch. I’m just happy to say “Hello,” happy to see you all doing well, and off I go.

Of course, I’m happy to have you drag me in and sink into your couch, and answer as many questions as you have.

Out of respect for your time, my goal is to have a brief encounter.

Over the years, some of you also decided it must be a brief encounter –

because it was all you had on.

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