20 Under 20: How Did I Deserve Such A Card?

“Jack, it’s that time of year again to bring your car over!”

For years now, Julie Uhr from Canyon Hills would invite me to participate in their annual Career Day.

One year I ran into their ‘new’ principal, who was my eldest daughter’s principal over two DECADES ago. And just a few years later, his son became principal, too.

The announcement over the school PA system unleashes a flood of students, armed with questions, comments, or quizzical disinterested stares.

It was here I met a remarkable and dynamic young lady, I, one of the student leaders involved in organizing the day’s events, who asked some incredible and thoughtful questions about the real estate business.

Once in a rare while, you just know when you meet someone wise beyond her years, with a future that knows no bounds.

To I, whatever roads life opens up before you, may you always find joy and success in all that you do.

P.S. Later, I received a beautiful hand-drawn card from her, which I don’t know how I deserved, along with a heartfelt note from her mom.

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