Am I The ONLY One?

No, this is NOT available ANYWHERE at any price. There are, however, TWO easy & free ways to enjoy.

  1. DON’T drive through. Stand in line, INSIDE, preferably during its busiest hours. (All the time.) By the time you leave, the tantalizing scent will have stuck to your shirt, or at least saturated your nostrils for the day.
  2. Take the LONG way home. I’ve found out it’s just as effective. Better yet, once you leave the car, keep all windows & doors shut. You get to relive your tasty Chick Fil-A sandwich smell for ANOTHER day.

In all seriousness, we happily immerse ourselves in the fried goodness of CFA. I OWE a mountainload of gratitude to Justin & Audry Young, the previous operators of our local CFA, and personally know David Dinasan who took over the reins from the Youngs.

P.S. If this stuff WERE real, it’d be the only perfume you could splash all over yourself AND cook with.

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