He Said, She Said

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Here are some of the most interesting things YOU said about the first Ding Dong Diaries. THANK YOU!

“And I thought I was special. Until I saw my neighbors had one too!” CP

“They weren’t all funny. Three of them made me cry. So I sat my family down and read those to them.” KS

“I told my kids to buy me the book for my birthday!” DL

“I love it, Jack! I’ve made it required reading, even if someone’s NOT in real estate. As a matter of fact, we have our copy here at the house, and also a copy at each of our two vacation homes.” DW

“Perfect timing! My husband had knee surgery yesterday, and he’s out for three months!” AL

“I took the book to work to read during my lunch, and someone ran off with it. I was hoping they’d read it and bring it back, but no luck. They must have really enjoyed it.” YK

“No, didn’t read it, sure felt like I did. Every time my wife read something funny, she’d come over and read me the page.” SM

“M started reading your book and hasn’t put it down…lol.
Every once in a while he gets a smile on his face… And I packed that book, thinking I was going to read it on our vacation.” RA

“Can we buy another copy of your Diaries book please? Our son accidentally spilled coffee on the copy you dropped off, and our other son would like his own copy without the coffee stains. Oh, and we already found OUR story in the book!” KK

“I’m packing for a cruise, and I’ve been saving your book for it.” DK

“The only people I really know in Chino Hills are my five neighbors. You just showed me we live in a city of beautiful people and families.” RC

“On our 4-hour road trip, we took turns reading your book aloud to ourselves and our kids! It was a blast!” MJ

“After all that has happened in the last few months, I can use the comic relief.” GS

“…This morning I thumbed through the first few pages, figuring I’d get back to it someday. I just finished reading it. Got quite a few chuckles out of it, maybe even a tear. Or two. A great way to spend my Sunday morning…” SM

“I have to put it down so I can get stuff done because it is habit forming! SO upbeat and positive that it is a joy to read!” RL

“Can I buy another copy? It’s a gift for a dear friend. I know she’ll love it because she has a strange sense of humor.” SX

“No. Didn’t read it. Threw it in the trash. At least I’m honest.” ZZ

Lastly, you just have to watch Fernando’s comments in the video above. THANK YOU, Fernando!                   

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