Accidental DISCOvery

(Please click on image to PLAY VIDEO!)

“What is THAT thing?”

It’s just a golf bag carrier that became an unconventional solution to relieve my back pain. Nothing more.

Then a whole bunch of you started smiling and laughing, suspicious stares even giving way to snickers.

“You know these times we live in, Jack. So thank you. It’s ridiculous for sure, but you crack me up! You made my day.”

Never forgot the first time someone looked me in the eye, and said, “You make me smile every time you come by.”

“Oh. Thank you. But uh…what did I do?”

“Nothing. Just keep being you.”

The Jackbrella is an ongoing reflection of my practical, creative and unexpected sides. Never thought mashing up disco lights to an umbrella would be a spectacular and happy accident!

Love the many ideas from you I’ve already implemented, like the bike lights.  A few want cold beer and tacos, or the ice cream truck jingle WITH a cooler full of iced goodies. Now about that Porta Potty… Hope this brightens up your day. Or night

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