The Fuel Shack

The Green Machine Matcha Latte is not good. It’s heavenly! Their plates are worth your drive from Chino Hills.

After a knock on the door, she, and often Dave, would welcome me with giant smiles.

Once she found out I enjoyed food of almost every kind, I either got fed an incredible snack, or got to bring home a tasty morsel for later. There was homemade jerk chicken, banana bread in a bottle, and even avocado ice cream. Jealous yet?

The day came to make her dream of opening her own place a reality, and for Dave to suffer next to the surf. It was time to say goodbye. I felt happy and sad. Sweet and sour.

While many of you occupy permanent spots in my heart, it was only appropriate that I renamed a section of my gut to “The Quam Expressway.”

She also taught me the “proper” way to hug. Left shoulder to left shoulder, heart meets heart.

Dave & Yolanda, you always treated me like a beautiful roast, generously sprinkled with tons of love, kindness, laughter & graciousness. THANK YOU from the bottoms of my heart and tummy. Special doesn’t even begin to describe you.

San Clemente, CA.     

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