Telltales Of A Tall Tale

“Hey, Jack – I got something for you.”

It was the way G said it, as he invited me in.

“Everyone here knows you sold the house around the corner. Couple days ago two ladies were here, telling everyone THEY sold that home and had MORE buyers. Do you know them?”

Didn’t recognize the agent on the left, but knew the other.

G added, “I asked them if they knew you, and they said, ‘No.’ After I told them I knew you & John sold it, they quickly left.”

And G wasn’t the only family who thought something was not right, as I heard from several other neighbors.

While there were NO written claims they sold the home, by omission of required disclosures, it was the IMPRESSION they wanted to impart, despite not representing either side.

They had the line about “having more buyers,” even though they had not represented a single buyer in more than 8 years.

While this involves multiple violations, it’s nothing compared to the ‘big league’ offenses you’ll read about.

Please keep an eye out. There are ALWAYS telltale signs.

Not our hairdos, but definitely our listing.

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