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FUN STUFF: Best way to look for a service or business, is type CONTROL F, and simply type in the word you’re looking for. Really helpful as this page gets loooooooonger. For my own sanity, businesses will be entered by date of addition.

Date added: 01/27/2021
Business/Service: Mobile Auto Detailing
Contact: Nico, at 626-228-8235

Date added: 01/27/2021
Business/Service: Custom Theme Art Foldable Tables
Contact: Jackie, at made.by_jax on Instagram

Date added: 01/27/2021
Business/Service: GGB Soaps & Soaking Products
Contact: Lourdes, at

Our city is home to extremely successful entrepreneurs and high-powered executives. It’s a privilege knowing many of you as gracious people who also wear shorts, PJs and no makeup.

My soft spot goes to the mom-and-pop shops, the home-based budding businesses, and even young lemonade stand owners under Grandma’s executive supervision.

On a Sunday afternoon, I ran into Nico, who was on their seventh or eighth weekend job. Their portable tent and equipment went nicely with their work ethic, skills and smiles. And he’s only a sophomore! Way to go!

Lourdes decided to make gentle soaps for her mom, whose skin started itching from ongoing treatments. That’s how her unique GGB soap and soaking products started.

With lots of lockdown time and an “I can do that” attitude, Jackie began crafting her colorful custom theme art foldable tables. It’s impressive to see her taking immediate action on her intentions. That is a rare quality at any age.

If you’re a Chino Hills resident, who owns a Chino Hills business, WHOM I KNOW AND HAVE MET, please send your info to if you’d like to be included at no cost.

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