Tame This Name Game

Some of you get a kick out of calling me by my entire, legal first name, Joaquinito.

I appreciate how smoothly it rolls off your tongues, leading with a secondary accent on the first syllable, then emphatically dragging out the third syllable, dropping off into the fourth. ‘HWA-kee-NEE-to.’

Properly pronounced, it always sounds the same. When any of you asks how to say it, I always have you give it a try. Somehow, it’s a magical moment when my name gets chopped up, new and unexpected syllables are spontaneously spit out, and there’s always a chuckle or two.

Don’t remember how we got on to the topic of my long name, but somehow they were up for it. Taking turns giving it their best, one of them blurts out a gem worth me waiting fifty years for. Can’t believe we got it on video!

THANK YOU so much Xander, Cayden & Mom for the laughs.



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