Heartfelt Melt

When I first started visiting you at your door, I had a built-in expectation learned from books and seminars I had attended.

I had to be tougher than nails. I had to be willing to eat nails. And ‘that,’ too. And be prepared for endless brutal rejection.

It’s understandable where these trainers were coming from. They got most of their responses from the tactless and aggressive ways they chose. Gratefully, I decided to do the exact OPPOSITE of most of what was taught in that regard.

As I was visiting with K, I see their two daughters waving, and disappearing. Before I left, they came back, and had a little present for me.

One thing no one prepared me for, was how many times over the years my heart would get melted into a puddle.

J & K, your precious girls ALWAYS make my day 1,000 times brighter than sunshine!

And that goes for so many of you, who have blessed my heart to overflowing. THANK YOU for feeding my soul.

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