Mommy, Can I Take A Picture With Jack

I appreciate the kind references to being one, from being well-known, at least in a few corners of our city, to having one-name recognition status.

There are even the many sightings around town, although I feel more like a UFO. An ‘Unexpected Flying Object,’ with the word ‘flying’ to loosely mean ‘the act of leaving a flyer.’

The true test of being a celebrity, is when someone asks to take a picture with you.

“Mommy, can I take a picture with Jack’s ‘thing’?”

Poised with her smile, the moment was captured.

THANK YOU, little girl! It made my day that the “thing” made you smile!

Other kids have decorated it with flowers.

Dogs mostly bark at it, a few have sniffed around it, and a discerning handful have seen it fit to baptize it with their bladders.

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