Cirque du Chino Hills

(No one was thinking of a circus when this shot was taken. Clown, maybe.)

First time we could afford to watch Cirque du Soleil, our cheap tickets behind a pole made acrobats of my eyes and neck.

They have amazing jugglers, but I know they can’t keep fifteen or more plates of spinning escrows in the air and not drop a single one. Lauren can. On top of a husband and two boys.

It’s an epic task to have every detail and moving part under the big tent go as smoothly as possible. Things can, and do go haywire. Escrows have fallen from dangerous heights. Listings have expired. John is our master of the real estate tightrope, walking it for nearly 20 years. Good for him, because I’m REALLY afraid of heights. He’s got lion-taming down, too.

Marketing duties fall on my shoulders. I’ll never stop working to find ways to attract the best audience for your listing. I’ve eaten a lot of glass and interesting brown stuff over the years.

Of her many roles, we love Michelle for writing the checks. Queen over the kitchen, with her army of coffee makers and creamers, one of her finest acts involve lady fingers and knife skills, when she slices and serves her killer tiramisu.

Cooper stars in the fist bump routine. It’s the only trick up his armpits.

Maybe their cat, Maggie, can walk around with a “No Littering” sign.

Brandon alone volunteered for the water tank, as no one knew what was swimming in it until it was ShowingTime. He has been snuggled by goldfish, zapped by eels, ignored by a few others, and eaten by sharks. Somehow, he has managed to climb out alive every time, ready for another dive.

There have been a few times when John & I have held our breaths watching one of his performances.

I’ve been blessed with a wonderful son-in-law, Sam. Now, I even have a son-in-awe, Brandon. SO proud of you!

Many acts pack up on a truck and bounce from city to city, but not us. We’re your one-town troupe – our pegs, tents, hearts and souls permanently bolted down here in Chino Hills.

And that clown getting chased by flame-spitting fire eaters before the show? That’s my side gig.

If any of us were forced into the ring, the only one who could put on a real show would be John & Michelle’s youngest daughter, Madison, who is involved in some scary, competitive level cheer and tumbling.

* * *

Don’t know how I rounded all of us into a circus. But what we do takes a lot of skill, and can be dangerous. And we always stick together.

*Really* tempted to make John the juggler, since he could easily toss lots of Balsz in the air.

P.S. Want a peek at the promo poster? WHO should be the bearded lady?

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