What’s The PEN-alty?

Nothing unusual about my visit with R & T.

Not until I got to the next door.

“Where’s my pen???”

Like a detective I retrace my steps. But I don’t find it on the sidewalk. Not in my pocket, or in my man purse. (Don’t laugh.)

Heading back to R & T’s front door, something catches my eye.

Not only did I see my pen, I also catch the culprit. Very impressed with how my pen was stolen. And the pickpocket didn’t even move.

A bush stole it. Impeach? At the least, I was going to bring the young plant to the courtyard, before a jury of his pears.

The crime? Why, TREE-son, of course!

* * *

Many say California is a land of nuts, fruits and flakes. Good luck finding evidence of me as a flake. But as a nut or fruit? Guilty for sure.

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