YOUR Ding Dong Diaries Stories Page. NO JOKE.

(Submissions will be posted newest first, oldest last. For the fine print, scroll all the way to the bottom, under “The BIG fine print.”)

You’ve asked how to get into the book, so I’m implementing THE craziest idea I heard that excited me.

And really scared me.

First, the BIG fine print. To keep my CPA and attorney happy, there are no financial, copyright, intellectual, commercial or any other rights that I owe you for any submissions. All submissions are final. I reserve the exclusive right to include (or not include) submissions for any reason. This can be changed, or ended, for any reason, at any time. You hold me harmless for any consequences. By submitting, you AGREE to all stated stipulations, and subsequent amendments, if any.

All the above will like never apply to 99.99% of you. So let’s have some fun. If you’ve had an episode with me, be it good, bad or best yet, funny, that you HONESTLY BELIEVE CAN BE UPLIFTING, send it to

Your FIRST name will be published. Despite the above, assume your submission will be posted AS IS. Be careful in mentioning SOMEONE ELSE by name. THOUSANDS may read what you write. NO profanity, but you can be “creative.”

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