The Million-Dollar Chino Hills TRACT Home

Our city has several major categories of homes, according to how buyers see it. The current bread & butter home has 4 to 5 bedrooms, with a downstair bed & bath, built in the mid to late 80s through the early 90s. Prices range from $600k to $1 million+. (In the “Hot Square” of “North Chino Hills,” Peyton Dr, Chino Ave, Chino Hills Pkwy & Grand Ave, including immediate surrounding areas, of 423 homes sold last 4.5 years thru 12/31/17, John & Jack represented 75, outselling the next 11 agents.)

There are custom residences, condos & townhomes, relatively more affordable 3-4 bedroom homes WITHOUT a downstair bed & bath, older communities, etc. For the first time since 2005, there are several new developments, primarily in the south side.

A small segment of homes (about 9% of the market), lands between large regular tract homes & custom homes – the “Million-Dollar Tract Homes of Chino Hills.” Price-wise, they list around $1M+, but sell from $890K & up. They include 3,000+ sf models with added square footage, have luxurious upgrades in & out, boast spectacular & unobstructed city lights views on huge lots in cul-de-sacs & often possess good “feng-shui” characteristics. Others have unique features, such as a stand-alone mother-in-law suite, etc.

These group of homes present unique opportunities & challenges to their owners. Overimproved homes relative to the neighborhood tend to dissuade buyers, who prefer to spend $1 million to live around similarly-priced homes. It also creates appraisal issues. Location comes up as well. It cannot be marketed as a custom home, as buyers in that demographic won’t even consider it. Regular buyers find it interesting, but convincing them to spend $100K & more over neighbors’ home values is almost impossible.

John & Jack were in many of these situations, successfully marketing, defending value, solving challenges & selling their clients’ homes for top dollar. Last 4.5 years, there were 108 homes in this category in the areas they serve. The #2 agent sold 5, #3 agent had 4.

John & Jack represented the most sellers: 18.

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