Now it can be told – and do not miss the surprise ending below!

A little before 6:30 pm on the early evening of March 17, 2013, Chino Hills Police responded to a local resident’s complaint. It was alleged that there was an unidentified individual “walking around the neighborhood taking notes on a handheld device.”

A female deputy arrived on the scene at 6:34 pm, pulling up behind a little bright red Fiat 500 hatchback. The driver was identified as Jack Soliman, 48, who turned out to be a 23-year local resident, who literally lived about a mile away. When questioned, he showed the officer his iPad, used for taking notes. Officer noted that Mr. Soliman is a local Realtor. Further interrogation revealed that he had been doorknocking the entire neighborhood for almost six straight hours, on both Bella Vista Court & Camino Largo Drive, where he was apprehended. Soliman was quoted as saying he would be more than happy to point out many new neighbors he had met that afternoon who could attest to his friendly, hardworking & professional demeanor.

The first deputy also inquired about the markings on Soliman’s vehicle. He explained aside from marketing as an exclusive Chino Hills only agent, he was involved with numerous projects tied into the community. Satisfied he posed no danger, she prepared to leave, but not before a second officer arrived. By this  time, a small crowd had gathered on the corner of Silver Ridge Drive & Camino Largo Drive, and at least two entire families were now by their front yards trying to figure out what was going on. (It was found out the following day that some neighbors had observed most of this from their second story windows.)  The first deputy summarized what had transpired, and both officers at that point called the case closed, satisfied Soliman never posed any threat or violated any ordinances.

According to one eyewitness, Soliman thanked both officers, and even gave each of them his business card, with Chick Fil-A coupons attached. It was revealed the operator of the highly-respected owner/operator of the local Chick Fil-A, known for actively doing much good in the local community, had partnered up with Soliman in a unique effort.

To everyone’s surprise, Soliman then requested to be allowed to step out of his vehicle, and photograph his car, in front of the two flashing squad cars. One officer briefly hesitated, but the other officer agreed to his request. Two pictures were taken, and Soliman has provided one below. He was also quoted to have said, “I wish to apologize to that one homeowner who had made that call, and obviously I meant no harm. And I really want to tell him “THANK YOU” as well, for the priceless opportunity of literally getting CAUGHT at the end of a long, productive day of old-fashioned hard work!” He also expresses his gratitude to our Chino Hills police officers who were very gracious to him, and generously accommodated his request for the pictures. (See below)


UPDATE: Like ladies who change their hairstyles & makeup, my little red companion has had a minor makeover. Here’s how you all see it all over town, and yes, there is ONLY one of it. Really. The fact that it’s seen everywhere in Chino Hills is NOT an optical illusion. It’s just old-fashioned HARD WORK. 🙂
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Surprise #2: January 12, 2019: Speaking of “Jack” Soliman “Arrested”, you have to read THIS to believe it. (or click HERE.)

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