Hi Dave & Tracie,

Please click on this LINK for the most up-to-date activity to best compare your home to. Please note year of build, location convenience, lot sizes, & amenities. It will be updated automatically in real-time, so check back as often as you’d like to see what’s going on.

You can then click on every listing to see how each property looks in & out. Have fun!!

Thank you.

Jack 909-262-3132

PS: As a double-edged sword treat, it’s my opinion that there’s a bubble in your neighborhood right now. Remember the crazy house on Spring Meadow for $1.1M that went NOWHERE? Finally sold for $925K – 3185 sf, by the way. I mention that because we used THAT overpriced listing and another UNSOLD home on Spring Vista to get our seller son Spring Meadow $832K on 2323 sf, and then just recently $842k for another 2323 sf home, but nicer big lot.

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