Hi Vina,

So here are two references to start with. Comparable values are normally tied to immediate neighborhood values, generally 0.25 mile radius, over the last 4-6 months. To give you a real-time idea of what goes on in Pinehurst Hills, please check this link —> HERE.

To see how 3400 sf compares to the rest of the city, here’s this specialized survey of values, click HERE. We can help you compare to almost every one of these properties, as we’re very familiar with most of them, not to mention we’ve sold quite a few of them as well. As to similarities and/or differences, we can share how it specifically relates to your home.

Please keep in mind as you have the highest SF in your neighborhood, it brings both advantages & challenges, which we’ll be happy to go over in detail.

Take care.

Jack (909) 262-3132

PS: Those links are updated in real-time. Feel free to go back and check every few days.

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