PRIVATE: For Jose & Roxana Cubillo

Hi Jose & Roxana,

As always, great to see you both.

CLICK THIS LINK for all real estate activity around Rancho Hills only. It’s updated in real-time, so feel free to check in once a week to see what’s going on.

A few helpful notes for you:

  1. You’re currently paying about $5,563 a year for taxes, with an ASSESSED VALUE of $462K. In other words, even if we sold your home for $800K, you’re only paying property taxes based on $462K. What most of our families do is sell their current primary home first, then buy the replacement property. So say we sell your home for $800K, you can then buy your replacement home for up to 105% (in the following 12 months) of the selling price, or about $840K, and STILL BE ABLE TO BRING THE LAST ASSESSED VALUE OF $462K OVER TO THE REPLACEMENT PROPERTY FOR PURPOSES OF PROPERTY TAXES. BUT: Chino Hills has a 1.1% tax rate in general, say to went somewhere with a tax rate of 1.8%, you will pay the 1.8% but based on the $462K. Currently 11 out of 58 California counties accept this under Proposition 60 & 90. Most of the main ones are included, such as San Bernardino & Orange County.
  2. In your searches for both Chino Hills & Orange County, I currently did NOT force the pool criteria, but I did put a minimum 7,500 sf lot. Not many have pools, but have a look. If you’d like POOLS ONLY included, be happy to change to whatever you both want 🙂

To keep our vicious attorneys happy, we are NOT tax or estate or law professionals. Please consult proper experts!

May our Lord guide you both in the direction you should go. Hopefully nothing as vague as God sending Abraham off in his 70s with “Just Go!” hahaha.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us anytime any 909-262-3132.

Take care,



PS: If you have a gigantic cup of coffee and nothing else to do, here’s some information our clients have found helpful. I think you’ll get a kick out of item #4 below!

1. Here’s one of our brokers who hired us. (And if you look at our most recent list, 3291 Royal Ridge is another fellow licensed Realtor, who chose us even over her own broker.) John & I don’t ever take that for granted!

Last 4.5 years ending 12/31/2017, 423 homes in the most in demand areas of Chino Hills sold. #3 agent sold 14, #2 sold 24, #1 sold 75 – we worked really HARD to achieve that privilege. (We also happened to serve & sell more than the NEXT 11 AGENTS COMBINED, who totaled 73.)


3. Our HYPER-LOCAL MARKETING: No other agent has built relationships & personally visits an area with almost 10,000 families, including the new Asian buyers from the last 2 years to look for a prospective buyer who could be their friends and relatives.
4. Our WEEKLY FULL-COLOR AD in the widest circulated Asian real estate newspaper that goes into every major Asian marketplace – expensive, but amazingly they STILL read the paper! (We PRE-MARKET your home, using everything from your NICE 2019 house number:
2-你 means “you”,
0-亮 means “bright”,
1- means “already”,
means “for a long time”.
…to the favorable inside feng-shui, as a marketing advantage.)

5. Our OVERSEAS CHINESE MOBILE APP – because the internet doesn’t work in China, but cellular does. (Be happy to demonstrate this for Anne as well.)

6. 10 UNIQUE ADVANTAGES we provide that NO other agents do. IN WRITING.


Thank you.

Jack (909) 262-3132


Please know our efforts are not scattered or distracted. Hope you enjoy the long happy list of our successful Chino Hills clients, and we look forward to the privilege of having YOU join our happy clients!

If your property is currently listed with another broker, not intended to be a solicitation. Numbers deemed to be accurate to best of available info. Results will vary but we ALWAYS give you our best effort! Joaquinito “JACK” Soliman Lic# 01916419 John Balsz Lic# 01331827


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