Hi Betty,

My name is Jack Soliman, Lynda Putz told me about your property on Meadow Crest.

I was touched by what Jarrod, Nicole & their kids have gone through. But I was also touched by the kindness and consideration your father & your family showed them.

We understand your choice of a Claremont agent for your dad’s Claremont home. As Chino Hills residents for over 27 years, we have a very unique situation where 60-70 percent of buyers are Asian/Chinese. Despite my weird last name, I am 100% Chinese, fluently read, write & speak Mandarin. (I’ve been told my English is not too bad either.) Thanks to being one-city specialists, my partner John Balsz & I have been blessed to serve Chino Hills as the highest producing agents in the $600k to $1 million+ range in the last 4 years, with 156 sold Chino Hills homes AND 47 successful Chino Hills buyers.

This situation nudged on our heart as a wonderful opportunity to do something we have never done: We will WAIVE all commissions as your listing agent, and we will waive the buyer’s commission if we represent them as well. It will be a win-win-win for you, the Knicks and the new buyer/investor.

By giving up our commissions:
1. It will minimize the necessary fees remaining;
2. Allow you to sell at a lower price AND net the same amount;
3. Allow the buyer to pay a lower price;
4. Allow the buyer/investor to accept a lower lease payment from the Knicks due to the lower investment price.

We love our community. I have always considered the whole city my extended family. This is one way we can give back in a very real, tangible and sacrificial way to TWO wonderful Chino Hills families – the Knicks AND the Jimenez family. We will further do our best to get further discounts where possible, from escrow fees, etc.

By June 11, should we be unsuccessful in locating a buyer/investor, you’ll have 2 choices:
1. We will continue as your agents to list your property, AND still waive our listing side commission. We want to honor what your dad did for the Knicks in keeping their rent so low over the 10 years. Your only commission cost will be to a different buyer’s agent, should that be the case, at 2%.
2. We will be happy to give up and cancel the contract, and you are free to list with whomever you wish with one word.

My direct number is 909-262-3132.

As a disclaimer – to the best of my knowledge, I was informed there are no signed contracts at this point. If you have listed it, kindly disregard.

Thank you.

Jack Soliman

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