PRIVATE: For Gabriel, Maria, Gabriel & Anabel

It was very nice meeting all of you! Very excited for your move. As promised, here are the most important points & strategies for you moving forward.

1. Anabel wanted to know our last sale. Actually, how about every sale from the last 5.5 years? John & I have worked extremely hard to have the privilege & track record to say, in writing, NO OTHER AGENT has sold more homes $600,000 & up to over $1 million plus in the most in demand neighborhoods in Chino Hills. (FYI, the Acevedos are incredible agents. We all have our specialties – theirs is the Inland Empire – they rule Fontana. John & I dominate Chino Hills. The Acevedos are like the best brain surgeons. We are like the best heart surgeons. If you want actual production results, they sold TWO homes in Chino Hills in the last 5 years. John & I sold TWO HUNDRED & THIRTY. Their market is different, and so is your parents’ homes here in Chino Hills which we specialize in.)

By the way, you’ll see we also put not just one, but TWO homes in escrow for 2 of our clients on 12/24 – that’s Christmas Eve :)!

There’s also something more specific – not only does Chino Hills have over 40 in-demand neighborhoods – (which we market differently – we know what sells in each of them), the most in-demand area is a square formed by Grand, Chino Hills Pkwy, Chino Ave & Peyton, and the immediate surrounding areas, which your parents’ home is included.

In the last 4.5 years ending 12/31/2017, there were 423 non-custom homes sold $600K & up. #3 agent did 14, #2 did 24, and John & I sold 75.

In the last 5.5 years ending 12/30/2018, there were 517 non-custom homes sold $600K & up. #3 agent did 17, #2 agent did 27, & John & I have sold 94.

We’re happy to show you any agent’s actual sales record in Chino Hills in real time.

2. Marketing: No other agents market Chino Hills like we do – in the most aggressive 3-stage process: from local Chino Hills door-to-door exposure to recent buyers, especially Chinese, to Southern California Asian print distribution at all major Asian plazas, and internationally, directly into China, most importantly, through our Chino Hills specific branded mobile app in Chinese. Even your 1535 house number will be positioned as a benefit to potential Chinese buyers, who represent 74.9% of buyers as of 2017 (1 – Already, 5 – I/Me, 3 – Upwards, 5 – I/Me). We are the only agents doing all THREE marketing ways to the Chinese potential buyers in their OWN language.

3. Unique & Special Properties of Your Home: Cul-de-sac, pool, beautiful upgrades, the only Blue Ribbon elementary school – Country Springs, close to both Canyon Hills & Ayala High School, centrally located to both the Shoppes, 99 Ranch Market & Diamond Bar, convenient freeway access. As far as the Chinese buyer is concerned we note the good feng shui points your home has, and you don’t have the unfavorable feng shui issues most avoid.

4. Pricing: We will always tell you the truth – we will NOT tell you an outrageous price just to get your listing, and cost you time & money by wasting your time and pushing you for a price reduction every week. You already saw what happened to your neighbor who went with a different agent because I told him the truth. He wanted almost $1 million, and over 420 days later, sold for $810K – I told him between $800k & $825K. One of the benefits of selling so many homes in our city is John & I balance what the comps (SOLD prices) determine, against how high we can push your listing price WITHOUT losing potential buyers, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY knowing what the competition is, marketing against them, to do our best where YOUR parents’ home is positioned as the most logical best buy. Currently, listing at $899K is a strong & competitive & compelling point, but please note the REALISTIC price to sell is closer to $850K. We’ll be more than happy to go over any home to compare against. Gabriel brought up a home on Moonshadow that sold for $975K – and I explained exactly why they got that price, because we have shown that property & I know it well. As we explained to Gabriel & your parents, John & I are happy to start higher, as long as we have a strategy in place if we get no offers in 30 to 45 days. If you stay too long at an unrealistic price, it will hurt you a lot ore, again, with the neighbor who started close to $1 million ending at $810K after about 14 months!

5. Commission: As the only agents actually spending 6 figures a year marketing for our sellers, for years we had to be at 6%. Over the last 5 years, as we INCREASED what we do for our clients like you, we have been able to REDUCE our fees, from 6%, to 5.75%, to 5.5%, 5.25%, and now only 5%. We realize we are often told there are friends who are willing to do it for less, but the hard truth is, because many agents don’t offer the extensive services & marketing we have done, they simply reduce commissions. We never take for granted that our families realize that, and make the decision to hire us for just a little more, yet knowing no one will work harder, market more aggressively & relevantly especially into the Asian markets. To further save you money, should we represent the buyer, there is ANOTHER 1% savings to you.

Be happy to answer any & all questions your parents, Gabriel or you might have so we can start working for you as soon as possible.


Jack (909) 262-3132

Our OVERSEAS CHINESE MOBILE APP – because the internet doesn’t work in China, but cellular does. (Be happy to demonstrate this for Anne as well.)

10 UNIQUE ADVANTAGES we provide that NO other agents do. IN WRITING.

Our weekly Chinese ad:

Please know our efforts are not scattered or distracted. Hope you enjoy the long happy list of our successful Chino Hills clients, and we look forward to the privilege of having YOU join our happy clients!

If your property is currently listed with another broker, not intended to be a solicitation. Numbers deemed to be accurate to best of available info. Results will vary but we ALWAYS give you our best effort! Joaquinito “JACK” Soliman Lic# 01916419 John Balsz Lic# 01331827

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