LASA Restaurant
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Every Friday night, it’s date night with my wife. Since I spend all my work time running around Chino Hills, this is our time to sit in traffic. (On a good night it’s 45 minutes to LA…)

Had read some great initial reviews about this new place, and made a reservation for my wife’s birthday. We’ve had our share of hits & misses. (Either it hits the spot, or she wants to hit ME on the spot! :))

This night was an hour & a half to get there, and I made a comment about being hungry after the long drive.

“Where did you drive in from?” asked our server.

“Chino Hills,” we said.

“Oh wow. Our manager Chase, and his brother Chad, who’s the chef, both grew up in Chino Hills!”

Chase came over to check on us, and I couldn’t help but ask where they lived. It was entertaining to be able to name their street, and most of the neighbors they grew up with, as he shared how they used to hang out with their kids and eat in their homes. (I promised them, and have already gone back to catch their nearest neighbors to send their “hellos”!)

(Above: Chad on the left, Chase on the right)

LASA (Filipino for the word “taste”) is the first restaurant this year we’ve enjoyed that we couldn’t wait to go back in a few months when they change up their seasonal menu. If you’re up for some of the tastiest and most imaginative, yet down-to-earth food, they are absolutely worth the drive into Downtown LA.  (For what it’s worth, let’s just I only do two things well – market homes, and eat good food!)

Enjoy. Just GO! (And tell Chase & Chad I sent you.)

PS: My suggestion is to order a bunch of stuff and share it. Great for 2 or 3 at the same time.

Disclaimer: Jack is NOT a real food critic (only a real estate agent). 🙂 No compensation or perks received for review, meal paid for like a regular customer.)

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