To all of you, I once was a UFO. Not the space kind. But the Unexpected Foreign Object, knocking at your door. For some, it turned into a Closed Encounter of the Ugly Kind. Thankfully, many of you amazingly welcomed me over the years as your Unexpected Friend Outside…

Now to an actual UFO story.

What a surprise when a friendly stranger mentioned that just a block away from where my wife & daughters were getting manicures, there was going to be a UFO Festival the very NEXT day! That was exciting news for my eldest daughter, who wanted to check it out. One little problem: The following day, June 9, 2018, she was getting married!

It wasn’t until 4 in the afternoon. But as we all know, the ladies had to be there by 10 am. The hair, the dress, and countless other complexities I know little about. Me? I needed less than 10 minutes to go from SLOB to FOB (Father of the Bride)!

I figured I had just enough time to drive over, check it out, head back to the “hotel”, and all would be good. So here are some of the highlights I captured. Enjoy!

The lady (pictured below) was very sweet. When I mentioned my daughter was getting married, she generously gave this little alien as a gift.

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