To my dear little sweetheart & Sam!

You remember how a friendly stranger mentioned that just a block away from where you all were getting manicures, there was going to be a UFO Festival the very NEXT day! Too bad you couldn’t make it…

However, in between dropping you all off for your hair & stuff, I checked the time and thought I could pull it off, since it wasn’t until 4 pm for the festivities. When I got there it was pretty jammed. NO parking anywhere, but somehow I found some spot to park.

So here are some of the highlights I captured for you both. Enjoy!

The young lady below is the artist with all the UFO cats…


The lady (pictured below) was very sweet. When I mentioned my daughter was getting married, she generously gave this little alien as a gift to you.

(Pic BELOW) Someone literally asked while the booth owner took the picture: “SO who’s the alien?” I told them the guy on their left.

(Pic below) This reminded me of you & Sam. :)))

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