IMG_0233-01To my dear Chino Hills families,

Before everything else, life being what it is, sometimes means having to say goodbye. I count it a privilege to have known some of your loved ones who have passed on. They will be missed at the door, but never forgotten in my heart. To each of them, and their families, my deepest sympathy goes hand in hand with my fondest memories. THANK YOU.

There’s no other way for me to express the gratitude in my heart, than to share how much you are all appreciated. From our amazing clients, to every one of you who have been so gracious to me, THANK YOU. And no better way than by sharing some of this year’s fun (& funniest) meetings with many of you.

Out of the mouth of babes: After ringing the doorbell, I’m greeted by a child (or 2), young elementary ages. Then I hear Mom shouting, understandably, to NOT open the door to strangers. As Mom comes over, and says “Oh Hi, Jack!,” the child matter-of-factly says, “See, he’s not a stranger. You and Dad talk to him.”

Someone’s precious little grandchild I meet for the first time, talks to me, and gives me a big hug. Mom & Grandma make it clear to me that almost never happens. Needless to say my heart skips a happy beat.

Of course I understand, and do NOT take any offense should someone prefer not to open the door. I thought this was funny, as the joke was on ME. After ringing door bell, I hear some rattling thinking someone’s about to open the door. Instead, I heard & counted THREE more deadbolts locked! That’s “Hit the road, Jack” on auto-replay!

Never really thought of it, but quite a few of you have given my little red car a NAME. There’s even been people I meet for the FIRST time who go, “Where’s the ‘JackMobile?'”

I’m truly blessed by how kind you all are to me. (Well, 98.5% of you.) Then there are times when I am humbled beyond words. I’ll let the events speak for itself.

On a particular day the doorbell upset the dog who was not feeling well, on top of boisterous kids adding to the stress of the moment. Understandably, she is upset, and lets me know in no uncertain terms. I apologize as I leave. Days later on a different street, a vehicle pulls up, window rolls down, and the same lady calls me, and in front of her children, apologizes for being rude to me. I never held it against her in the first place, but that was amazing kindness. THANK YOU.

To those of you who screen me with your intercom, and still take your time to come and open the door to speak with me – THANK YOU.

Some kind words from neighbors I met for the first time:
– “Even if we never meet, we always see you around, my friends like you, we would call you.”
– “Oh, I know you. You’re the one who leaves the “Jack” card!”
– When her husband asks her who’s at the door, she tells him “I’m talking to Jack Soliman.” (And this is the first time I’m meeting her, and have not even said my name!)

Street sweeping adventures: I appreciate you all watching out for me. Have had some of you call me over and have me park the JackMobile on our driveway until the threat of a ticket passes by. And then another neighbor literally drives around looking for me, picks me up in his car, and makes sure I don’t get a citation!  THANK YOU.

Got a few more, but – to all of you, THANK YOU from the bottom of my soul (& sole).



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