The innovative idea is how we have presented Chino Hills as a very unique city nestled between the 4 major Southern California counties with its 4 major selling points (again, see below). The subtle twist we have pushed for is a first: normally, the front cover is some agent’s head shot, with some property montage. Instead, we’re featuring our CITY itself on the cover, to drive interest not only to our multi-million dollar custom homes, but also to the rest of our available listings.

IREJ 2015-02 cover + ad

What you’re looking at is an example of our commitment to you as our clients. We never stop being pro-active, never stop innovating, and never stop asking how we can do a better job for you.

The birth of this idea came as a recent buyer shared his journey of how he ended up in Chino Hills. He is from Asia, a very successful professional, to say the least. He had considered other cities, but chose ours in the end. I’m never too proud to ask for & look into learning opportunities, and as he shared his insights, the dots began to connect in my mind from what I’ve heard many times.

No, I don’t have a crystal ball, nor would I pretend to have one. But at the same time I choose not to ignore things like a big STOP sign a few hundred feet  away warning me of a fall off a cliff. With the current market conditions, I had been thinking of a way to showcase our city, frankly, to any demographic. We just happen to start with the Asian community only because this is where the strength is right now.

The lesson: “Showcase the city, and the homes will sell.” So what makes Chino Hills special? Or more specifically, in ways that do NOT change or depend on the economy, market, or even buying nationalities?

In the process, I designed a logo with a little story that can be told in HALF a minute:

ch4 logo story

Southern California is truly amazing as a global center, and in the heart of the four major counties, is our city of Chino Hills. It is attractive in a very unique way, that virtually cannot be reproduced overnight anywhere else. Chino Hills is a rare jewel – the best of America, alive in diversity. The small town feel of a city that embodies a wonderful place to call home. Then the schools, amenities, and of course homes fall into place.

(The colors on the logo represent diversity, and at the same time each square tells in ONE character the story above. Clockwise: the gold/orange box: business/industry, brown: mountains, green: play, blue: waters & red: home. They are also geographically depicting the 4 counties.)

Normally we reserve our luxury edition ads for our custom properties in the millions. But as my perceptive new friend pointed out, the city comes first, then the homes. So in tying everything together, we now present Chino Hills as the perfect base to call home. Along side our exclusive multi-million dollar estates, we make mention of “beautiful executive & view homes available for well-under $1 million.”

To always pushing the envelope of marketing with no apologies to take the best care of you,

Jack (909) 262-3132


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