“Sorry. Not going to do it.”

That’s how this powerful & exclusive tool came to life. After being told this feature was not going to be implemented, despite the easy capability to do so, I knew I had to do something.

With a little bit of creativity, and a lot of sweat equity and time, we’re now the only agents who are able to target potential buyers through reaching out to agents. In a list of thousands of the top Southern California agents, we have them categorized by various benchmarks.

The reason for creating this a response to the following challenges presented to us:

1. An expired listing that has been on the market for a while that we have taken over.
2. One of our current listings that has opened escrow, but has fallen out, and is now back on the market as an older property.
3. Bringing fresh attention to a property with a price reduction without portraying it as a second-rate listing as it is normally done.
4. Some of our clients, for various reasons, prefer to NOT have a yard sign.

Implementation: Instead of an email, we reach specifically selected agents by text. It is not simply a message. All information is routed through custom, private pages on our site that is able to monitor interest levels on specific properties. We’ve had great success in reinvigorating these listings with renewed interest.

NEW: As our Chino Hills market shows signs of weakening, we’ve found a way use this to help bring attention to new listings right BEFORE it even comes to the market officially on the Multiple Listing Service. As such fellow agents know that when we send them an off-MLS or pre-MLS (SIGNED) listing for their preview, they take it seriously.

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