canstockphoto6566592The term “Feng-Shui” is actually two Chinese characters. “Feng” is 風, the character for “Wind.” “Shui” is 水, representing “Water.” As it is in nature, it is more preferable to control & harness it where possible, instead of being destroyed by it. Sometimes a shelter can be built, but at other instances a flight to safety is wiser.

Practitioners & adherents of feng-shui can sometimes be flexible, but at times firm in their beliefs. While John & I play no favorites and reach out to every possible buyer demographic possible, it would NOT be wise for us to not take into consideration what is important to them.


We are NOT experts or practitioners, but in working with so many families on both ends of the real estate transaction, we’ve been privileged to be aware of issues that are important. Additionally, Jack happens to be Chinese, who grew up under those rules and circumstances. We bring these experiences to you as the market continually evolves.

Currently, there are a number of very significant items that have affected actual sales prices of homes. This is only available to our clients, and only available on a one-on-one basis. As part of our very unique & proactive set of services, we’ll do our best to make YOUR property as attractive as possible to as many potential buyers as possible.

Feng shui. Wind & water. We’ll do our best to help you avoid a hurricane & tornado in the way of you selling your home. How about a gentle breeze accompanying a refreshing mist?

Don’t get blown off course or washed away. Call us today!

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