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Pro-Active Selling Advantage Chino Hills Property Checklist
Exclusively for   Y O U 

As you survey this exclusive list, you’ll realize we’re the only agents who have a systematic marketing campaign for your property, from exposing it in our own Chino Hills community, into local communities, including Asian markets, as well as overseas mobile marketing.

Your Team: John+Jack (John & I have very defined responsibilities as we take care of you. Once the listing is signed, you only deal with ONE person from start to finish. Even though John has a full-time team supporting him, he is your only contact. On the other hand, I might be out of sight, but rest assured I’ll be extremely busy running the cross-cultural & out-of-the-box marketing campaigns with the goal of maximum exposure of your property throughout the entire process.)

1.    Y    ALWAYS SHARE THE TRUTH, especially when you may NOT want to hear it.
2.    Y    Submit your property to Multiple Listing Service (MLS) & “Internet sites.” (In this age, once a listing goes on the MLS, almost every real estate site goes out and automatically uploads information.)
3.    Y    Price property STRATEGICALLY, opening the market, not narrowing it. (While we would NOT tell you a crazy price just to “BUY” your listing, we are not opposed to strategically testing the market limits, while remaining sensitive & open to what the market TELLS us.)
4.    Y    FOLLOW-UP on EVERY agent who shows your property for feedback. (With the help of an exclusive, high-end concierge service, we make sure we find out responses to your property, and you’re provided that same list.)
5.    Y    Represent & assist you on offers, NEGOTIATING best possible price & terms. (When John walks you through the many steps, you’ll be amazed at how the order and sequence of seemingly little details spells the difference between maintaining control, and losing it, which he will not allow to happen.)

6.    Y    Long Time LOCAL Chino Hills Residents (John: 21+ years, Jack: 25+ years)
7.    Y    100% PERSONAL service & communication with John & Jack all the way
8.    Y    STEP-BY-STEP guidance to protect YOU from start to finish
9.    Y    Professional Photography for EVERY property, including a VIRTUAL TOUR
10.  Y    Consistent 10+ YEAR OPEN HOUSE schedule in Chino Hills
11.  Y    Open houses always PERSONALLY conducted by top team members
12.  Y    Jack 國語會講, 字也會看會寫! (Jack speaks, reads & writes Chinese!)
13.  Y    Critical PRE-LISTING & CULTURAL recommendations
14.  Y    Powerful OFF & PRE-MLS approach to MAXIMIZE the sale of your property. (In our weekly ads, we showcase upcoming properties with a picture, WITHOUT address or house number info, with “NEW OFF MARKET LISTING” indicated, and the most desirable features of the listing to potential buyers.)
15.  Y    Only 91709 Specialists with FULL-PAGE Color AD in top Asian RE paper
16.  Y    Unique & Targeted CROSS-CULTURAL MARKETING for your property
17.  Y    Conduct DIRECT & ONE-ON-ONE high-end networking (For our custom home clients, I’m the only agent who has actually personally visited other residents in these luxury communities, since there is a very good chance that someone in these circles may happen to know a prospective buyer at these levels.)
18.  Y    Exclusive OVERSEAS property marketing
19.  Y    SECOND CHANCE STRATEGY if property falls out of escrow not due to seller
20.  Y    Ongoing development of MARKET-ADAPTIVE & OUT-OF-THE-BOX strategies

We did not set out to be the BIGGEST. We set out to be the BEST.

We do what no one else does, and we do it well…for YOU.

T H A N K    Y O U
It’s our privilege to do our absolute best for you.

(909) 262-3132

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