John & I do NOT stop to study the markets, and adapt to changing conditions. It is no secret that in our city, and as borne out by our own actual experiences, 65% of buyers have been Asian, often Chinese, the majority from China.

As it stands, we have the most comprehensive, unique, aggressive & effective marketing strategies to reach them. We have:

1. Our local Southern California full-page color ads in one of the widest circulated Chinese real estate newspaper. CRITICALLY, the challenge in continually reaching out to the Chinese buyers, especially those based in China, adds a level of difficulty. Most are NOT able to access what we take for granted, uncensored Internet access. Of the limited media allowed in print and online, the publication in which our ads are in is one of the few actually allowed in print and online.

2. We keep our eyes & ears on the ground, listening carefully for new possibilities to cultivate buyers for our sellers. Sometimes, it’s a little closer than most of us think. We have often heard visitors at open houses mention they actually are moving from neighboring cities like Walnut & Diamond Bar. Additionally, our own local families mention how it was their friends who bought some of our listings. That was the tipping point for me to come up with the local monthly Chino Hills 91709jack.com update. I certainly appreciate being told it’s both informative & entertaining. But more importantly, it is regularly circulated around the most in-demand areas of our city, showcasing properties strategically.


I’ve continually explored further opportunities to target potential buyers in China. As it is, hardly any listing agents invest in expanding into these markets. Of these, even fewer go beyond print. As already mentioned, most Chinese have extremely limited Internet access – that’s the tough nut. On the positive side, almost everyone has a cell phone. While the Second Great Wall has been successful in censoring online access, it is virtually impossible to prevent cellular communication. The key idea was to take advantage of this. Initial attempts were either clunky, buggy or so exorbitantly price-prohibitive that even we could not justify it.

Until now. As I learned from several sources, and from practical observation, how most of us in America think of online access is very different from how most Chinese do so. We find domain names to be helpful when it tells us what it’s all about – take my own site, which can be accessed as SellingChinoHills.com. Most of us don’t think twice about simply typing it up and off we go. To non-English speakers, not only is it long, but pecking it out correctly on a smart phone is not exactly fun. Conversely, while we don’t particularly enjoy long sequences of numbers, it is easy for them to keep in mind 10-digit sequences. Now, they have taken a next step, and QR codes are the norm. Instead of typing, they scan. And that’s where our newest weapon in our arsenal for our clients starts.

Enough background! It is now up and running. CLICK here. Bear in mind this is best viewed on a smart phone. This is as compact, yet informative, and most importantly, accessible as it gets.

4: While it’s trivial for us to type on our smartphones or remember catchy website links & names, it’s not quite the case for those whose mother tongue is Chinese. The newest trend is actually scanning QR codes like this.

wcqrAlmost everyone lives on their smart phones (hmmm – sounds familiar!) and most of these Chinese applications now come with built-in QR code scanners. Go ahead – give it a try!

THANK YOU for making us your #1 choice all over Chino Hills!


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