Summary: 26-year local broker CALLS ME to list their Chino Hills home. We list & sell it for $40K above his original price. (A second broker-owned home has also been sold, and a third agent-owned closed as well!)

It started as a fairly normal Tuesday, until a mid-morning phone call. It was from someone I met & visited with before. He shared how he had been doing a bit of remodeling since we first met, that I’d love how it looks now. He & his wife had discussed taking advantage of certain opportunities that have come up. Part of that master plan would involve them selling their beautiful Chino Hills home, and that they both agreed we’d be their best choice.

So I called John, gave him the time & address of our listing appointment, to which he comments: “Jack, I know him. Isn’t he a BROKER?”
“Yes, I know. 26 years, in fact.”

I’ve been so blessed by many families in different ways. This is a special one. Our client’s words were certainly humbling:
“Jack, I can certainly list my own property, but my wife & I realize you specialize in Chino Hills. You certainly made an impression on me, and the marketing & connection you both have into the Asian markets is something very unique & impressive. We also want it done discreetly & aggressively.”

When we asked for his price point in mind, we actually recommended going up another $40,000 from our due diligence, and an analysis of the area comparables. Our clients always like the fact that we don’t just bring up comps, but many of them are our own ACTUAL listings and sales.

John & I do our best to anticipate any selling issues & proactively address them. On the plus side, our clients’ beautiful home is located in a coveted part of the city for proximity & schools, where the last home that came up for sale was more than TEN months before. But we were also aware of some FENG-SHUI details that had to be taken into consideration.

We’ve been in escrow for a few weeks, and as things go, sometimes life happens and we fell out of escrow. John had notified me of what happened. There’s a few things John & I do upon such a situation. IN ONE DAY, WE ARE BACK ON TRACK.


Done 🙂
Thanks to an awesome colleague who has brought multiple buyers to our listings, once again we can say SOLD! It closed at the highest level for a home in that area, at the selling price we suggested.

THANK YOU – John & I have had the amazing privilege of taking care of many Chino Hills families. But to have a respected & long-time fellow professional, a licensed real estate broker, call me to sell their home, is at once a point of great pride wrapped in an even greater sense of humility. Truly an honor!

PS: We now have had THREE other fellow agents & brokers SUCCESSFULLY have John & me list & SELL their home. THANK YOU!


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