So, is it worth choosing top local agents, versus any agent who either does an occasional transaction or is totally from out of the area? We’ll let you decide if you REALLY save money.

Here’s the VALUE of what John & Jack bring for you as local experts:

PRICING: Agents who work 17 different cities, or who do not specialize, price in a vacuum. They may see all the information from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), and boil it down to square footage & dollars-per-sqaure-foot. They have NO idea why one specific neighborhood is preferred over another, nor do they know what the potential challenges are that must be overcome. Between the 2 of us, we have literally set foot in almost every model, not to mention actually successfully listr & sell them. We’ve both lived in Chino Hills for over 20 years, and are intimate with the subtle changes & advantages of almost every neighborhood. We know how to price your home properly, and not just throw a big number to get someone’s listing.

APPRAISAL: So you’re happy with a great offer. The buyer will want to know he didn’t overpay, and rarely waives the appraisal. Instead of telling you to be home for the appraiser, John is one of the only local agents who will actually BE there. What’s the big deal? We know the recent activity, and most likely sold a number of them. The credibility of an agent who has sold 40 homes in the vicinity carries a bit more weight than an out-of-area representative with 1 or 2. We know what advice to share with our sellers to make sure your appraisal comes in as high as possible.


TRUE VALUE: It’s great to have heard this many times from our clients who have given this issue very serious consideration:

  1. Save around 1%, but still paying an agent to basically ‘do NOTHING beyond sticking a yard sign & throwing it online.’
  2. Spend just an extra 1%, and actually get not just one, but TWO top agents who actually work the hardest & spend the money to market and sell their home.

They choose option 2.

RESULTS & EXPERIENCE: There are some things that cannot be quantified on a spreadsheet, but are invaluable just the same. Consider the cardiac surgeon who has specialized in her field for decades, and continues to perform surgeries daily. In Chino Hills, John & Jack are your ‘top heart surgeons.’ We don’t dabble in brain surgery, nose jobs or liposuction.




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