Tiny entry for the Chino Hills Light Parade?

Meet the JackBrella! (Click on image BELOW to start video, if needed.)

Have had quite a few people encourage me to post this up for laughs & smiles. Here’s my goofy, back-saving, hacked-up golf bag carrier with 2 disco lights and a Charlie Brown tree. The little lightshow is only on for about 10 minutes (almost) nightly just before dark for December. Enjoy, Merry Christmas! Ha! Ha! Ha! (or Ho! Ho! Ho!)

More uselessly interesting details below the video, if you must.

Technical specifications:

Cart Tek Golf Bag Cart, Model GRi-1350Li in Black. Features remote control, lithium battery powered motor. Thanks to Fred & Evelyn who made me try a stunt like this: WARNING: As you’ll quickly see, I DON’T really know how to use the remote. For best results, TURN UP THE VOLUME! (Glad I ordered the anti-tip 4th wheel option.) Thanks to my imagination that has gone out of control, and tons of suggestions from so many of you, it has gone through dozens of Frankenstein revisions using up 100+ zip ties, 30+ feet of Velcro, bungee cords, and bits and pieces from Lowe’s. Did I mention lots of rechargeable batteries?

#1 Reaction: Laughs & smiles. Or curiosity. THANK YOU! really has made my day that so many of you have literally said it brought them a reason to laugh out loud in these tough times.

#1 Question: Can you ride it? As is, no. It was meant to carry a golf bag, max about 30 lbs. I’m on the skinny side, but not THAT skinny. Besides, the walking is great for me, as long as this carries EVERYTHING for me. Best of all, I get to hide under the shade almost all the time.

Additionally, it carries the following “accessories”:
1. Large file box for extra drinks, flyers & God knows what
2. Small file box for holding flyers
3. Rear-facing red blinking safety lights, so I don’t get accidentally run over. Intentional? Well….
4. 62-inch double-vented golf umbrella. Depending on weather & occasion, either a UV-coated multicolor, non-boring polka dot Haas Jordan for 100-plus days, or my light-duty American flag-themed one.
5. Side drink holder, with Zojirushi 16-oz. hot & cold mug. (As needed, SECOND mug in the file box)
6. Rechargeable fan! 8-inch OPOLAR 10000ah
7. Printed but realistic custom plates, reminding me what my name is, just in case. And warns everyone else I’m around.
8. Seasonal items so far: Plush turkey for Thanksgiving, light box with letters (about to be fired, too small for my bad eyes), disco light #1 to throw colorful spots on the ground, disco light #2 – accidentally saw what happened when it bounced off the umbrella – NICE effect. And everyone’s favorite so far was someone suggesting a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, with a matching set of sorry-looking stringed lights, but with the attitude of a 6-inch GIANT red Christmas ball.
9. Rugged smart phone holder
10. Front-facing bicycle light & horn set. 250 lumens & waterproof.
11. TWO 5-lb compact diving weights to stabilize the front. I messed up the balance by making it top heavy.
12. Clip-on basket, good for anything, from stuff, to even, well, have a look.

13. Coming soon: Custom 22 x 17 two-sided acrylic sign holders.

Other fun and outrageous tips from many of you include:
– ice cream cooler, with ice cream truck music blaring
– beer & taco container
– porta-potty (Yes, I have this wonderful lady on VIDEO for proof)
– some attachment so I can ride it

Coming soon: Pictorial evolution, from Neanderthal setups to present.

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