Scoop #1: “an unEGGspected surprise.”
Date: July 19, 2016 7:46 pm
Location: 2500 block of Olympic View Dr, Chino Hills

I wasn’t prepared for what greeted me as I walked back to my car. I love eggs when they’re on my plate…but not on my car!


(Thanks to Google and 30 minutes of pouring boiling water over the affected areas, most of it came off. It was weird smelling scrambled eggs as I scrubbed away. And it smelled like a burnt rubber omelette the next day.)


Scoop #2: “Potential Roadkill”
Date: June 6, 2016 Monday 6:13 pm
Location: 2200 Block of Woodhollow Ln, Chino Hills

Ever have one of those moments when everything goes into slow motion? As I lift up my head, I see a small white sedan slowly driving diagonally along the road – towards ME! The driver, a young lady in her late teens or early twenties, suddenly looks up, and slams on the brakes as we lock eyes.

I’ve had a few close calls. Once I watched a driver go right past me, so engrossed in her texting she was driving a gentle s-curve in the middle of the road.

For most of human history words only killed figuratively. Thanks to technology, words can now kill literally!

A little extra – have a chuckle at this… Thanks to S & M for this priceless screenshot.


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