PRIVATE: Tony Stephan’s Next OC Home

I’ll be updating this page as we refine and hunt for the right home for you. For ease, the newest info will be highlighted in BLUE.

2/27/2021 – Please check your email (might be in spam folder) for the search. Cities as you specified. Capped it at $5.5M – you never know there might be an opportunity to write an offer for $5M on one of those. Pool and ocean view are the current criteria. I omitted the gated community as it dropped your choices down to a third. Total is less than 20, and some of the homes without a gate might be worth a look. Most of the pools in this price range do have a tub. Left the fence out as it’s not a standard criteria, and worst-case scenario is a relatively easy upgrade. Most newer homes have smaller lots, which usually means all you get is the community pool – these I eliminated. Since there aren’t too many to begin with, I’ll let you decide as you browse what’s available.

(Happy to incorporate or make any changes to the search. Thanks to growing up a geek I can tweak it as much as possible, even down to specific neighborhoods. Just ask, and if it’s possible, consider it done.)

You mentioned the need to appraise for full value – in this price range, it’s a case-to-case basis. As you consider a property, we’ll provide details to help you assess. FYI, since the covid lockdown mid-March 2020, it’s been a unique seller’s market that is not particularly strong, but in name only. What I mean is in a STRONG seller’s market, no matter how much inventory is available, it gets absorbed. For multiple reasons, there are actually FEWER buyers, but even LESSER homes available. Just a year ago many homes in the $4M to $5M range were selling for $500K to $1M less. Right now, they’re getting very close to list price. 

All that really works in your favor. The prices aren’t the most attractive right now, unless there’s that special property that ticks all your major boxes. We then dig a little deeper – whether there’s a real chance of finding another similar property based on what’s been on the market, or it’s truly a one-of-a-kind gem that you need to step up and snatch it before someone else does. We are at market highs, and the longer you wait, especially in the $4M to $5M ranges, YOU hold the cards…

We look forward to the privilege of having YOU join our happy clients. 

Be happy to answer any & all other questions so John & I and our entire team can start working for you.


If your property is currently listed with another broker, not intended to be a solicitation. Numbers deemed to be accurate to best of available info. Results will vary but we ALWAYS give you our best effort! Joaquinito “JACK” Soliman Lic# 01916419 John Balsz Lic# 01331827

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