jigsaw 151105 b3Successfully helping families sell and buy homes is not for the faint of heart. There’s often normal. Then there’s unique, aggressive and effective. That’s your John & Jack team.

Think of four hardworking students going through medical school. Initially they all study the same thing. After graduation, they specialize – one becomes a heart doctor, another a brain surgeon, next there’s the podiatrist, and then one chooses to be a plastic surgeon. 

John, Jack, Brandon and Lauren all started through the same schooling for their real estate licenses. Then with time & experience, each one of them specialized based on their individual strengths and skills.

Selling a home requires TWO significant, yet OPPOSITE skills, like 2 completely different jigsaw puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly.

John’s experience & talent makes him a master of the SELLER PROCESS – day-to-day through the entire process from start to finish, navigating each step, keeping you in control, protecting your best interest, with a personal one-on-one approach. Woven in between is more than twenty years of experience, market & agent insight, negotiation skills to defend and protect you & often times your largest investment, to see you through any market trend. 

Jack’s specialty is SELLER MARKETING. Like the hidden part of an iceberg, his main role, mostly behind the scenes, is to market your home. It uniquely starts before your property hits the public market, through the day it actually sells. It’s a constantly adapting process of marketing locally in a targeted way, extending out to Southern California, then reaching out overseas. It involves looking for potential contacts & referrals at the personal level in a seller’s immediate neighborhood, all the way to strategically reaching out to carefully selected agents who stand the best chance of bringing a potential client. The goal is finding that ONE buyer for you & your home, whether we end up representing that buyer as well, or someone else. In English, Chinese, face-to-face, in print, online, and more.

Brandon, John’s son, is the specialist when it comes to the BUYER PROCESS. He was literally thrown into the fire from the get-go. His expertise is the buyer side. He has come up with innovative strategies that have helped buyers who have been frustrated in a tough & competitive market. He has the experience learning from John & Jack selling the most homes in Chino Hills, having the perspective studying transaction from the seller’s point of view, and what listing agents do. With that knowledge, he would be able to do the best job representing buyers. He is also in charge of the duties and details related to the entire transaction, from coordinating signs, lockboxes, showings, handyman and contractor repairs, just to name a few.

Lauren, John’s daughter, handles the ever-changing and minutely-detailed LEGAL PROCESS. She makes sure every “i” is dotted, and every “t” is crossed. Even in this digital age, every paper file is a few inches thick. You can thank the attorneys whose greatest joy is to add new lines, and more new pages, to the ever-bulging stack of seller and buyer transaction forms. Your giant pile of paperwork is safe with her.

With over $465 MILLION in close sales, 636 satisfied families, John & Jack consider it their greatest privilege and honor to have your family count on their family to work for you. (Jack is “adopted”.)



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