jigsaw 151105 b3John & I have skills that are like 2 completely different jigsaw puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly. John’s experience & talent walks you through the entire selling process from start to finish, navigating each step, keeping you in control, protecting your best interest, with a personal one-on-one approach.

Like the hidden part of an iceberg, my main role, mostly behind the scenes, is to market your home. My work for you uniquely starts before your property hits the public market, through the day it actually sells. It’s a constantly adapting process of marketing locally in a targeted way, extending out to Southern California, then reaching out overseas. It involves looking for potential contacts & referrals at the personal level in a seller’s immediate neighborhood, all the way to strategically reaching out to carefully selected agents who stand the best chance of bringing a potential client. The goal is finding that ONE buyer for you & your home, whether we end up representing that buyer as well, or someone else.

Our RESULTS. Numbers Never Lie.

JOHN: Step-by-step from Listing to SOLD!
1. Practical Advice BEFORE Going Public
2. Critical Guidance through every Form & Step
3. Personal & Direct Service
4. First Hand Access to Latest Market Trends & Changes
5. Experience to Protect Your Interest

JACK: Day-to-day MARKETING: (Behind the scenes!)
1. Intensive Strategy in Your Immediate Vicinity
2. Outreach in major areas of Southern California
3. Unique International Exposure
4. Specialized Marketing for Specific Situations
5. Targeted Agent Marketing

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Track Record:
Lots of Successful SELLERS (129 and counting!): Click HERE
& Lots of Happy BUYERS (55 and counting!): Click HERE

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