JANUARY 1, 2021 – As of year end 2020, we have now provided 387 Ring doorbells to our seniors 70 years old & better, and physically disabled homeowners, and some who lost their spouse, and spouses who are active military away from home.

In 2021, we have lowered the age to 68 years old & better. THANK YOU!

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JANUARY 1, 2020 – As of year end 2019, we have now provided 270 Ring doorbells to our seniors 75 years old & better, and physically disabled homeowners, and some who lost their spouse.

In 2020, we have lowered the age to 70 years old & better. THANK YOU!

JANUARY 1, 2019 – Last year we served our families aged 80 & better. For 2019, we continue with our families aged 75 to 79!

DECEMBER 31, 2018 UPDATE: As of today, we have provided Ring doorbells to 144 of our seniors 80 years old & better, as well as a number of physically disabled homeowners, and some who lost their spouse.

We’ve also provided several to neighborhood events to be raffled off, and some fundraisers as well. THANK YOU!


Our current main project: 1000 Doorbells for Chino Hills

  1. My partner John Balsz & I are providing 100 doorbells EVERY year free-of-charge for the next 10 years, and hopefully more. This is coming out of our PERSONAL FUNDS, NOT from 91709 Safe.
  2. 91709 Safe is funded by the generosity of friends & families who wanted to be  part of our community project. For example, Wahoo’s Co-founder Ed Lee sponsoring a fundraiser.
  3. 91709 Safe will also be funded by donations received from 100% of profits generated by all of my Ding Dong Diaries books in all forms – print, ebook & audio. You can get the NEW AUDIOBOOK version by clicking HERE.
  4. While John & I are NOT soliciting outside funding, we have been humbled & honored to have local friends & families wanting to be a part of this. Their funds will go into 91709 Safe.
  5. Funds will be used to purchase more ring.com doorbells OVER & ABOVE the 100 doorbells John & I are paying for. That said, we reserve the right to use any of the funds towards a local family (or families) we can serve & help in a meaningful way.
  6. John & I want to express our deep gratitude to every one of our VOLUNTEER fellow Chino Hills residents who have FREELY given of their time & talent in installing many of the doorbells for their neighbors all across town!

Again, John & I THANK YOU, our wonderful & amazing Chino Hills families for your support. We believe in working hard & doing our absolute best to our families. And starting now, an opportunity to give back in a meaningful way to our communities.

Below are the current forms for the FREE & REBATE programs, which are subject to change at any time (we have NO control on Amazon or Ring’s pricing).


FEBRUARY 14, 2018 UPDATE: Wahoo’s is generously donating 20% of gross receipts, Jack’s donating 100% of book profits, from both original “Ding Dong Diaries” & PRE-ORDER ONLY SPECIAL EDITION SEQUEL!

(Scroll DOWN for details on how we’re selecting families for the free doorbell)

“OH NO!” IF YOU THOUGHT IT WAS TOO LATE TO JOIN OUR DING DONG FUNDRAISER… got good news for you. We will continue to accept your donation – as we embark on a new special project.

Been a while since my last visit with Ed Lee, Co- Founder of Wahoo’s. He (along with Chick Fil-A’s Justin Young, Joe Bonafede of JoJo’s Pizza Kitchen & Jon Pucci of Grandma Pucci’s Ice Cream) graciously & generously partnered with me over the years.

Many of you still remind me of how I bribed half our city with goodies. I gave him a copy of my book as a personal THANK YOU. As we chatted, he suggested doing something together again. The book signing at his Chino Hills Wahoo’s? HIS idea. Donating 20%? HIS idea. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH, ED!

John & I already do a lot for our sellers. Now we have a new community project for those of you who are NOT going anywhere, for those of us who call Chino Hills our heart & home. All sorts of ideas came to mind. A visit to a home recently burglarized and my light bulb went on. Starting with senior families I’ve visited, our goal is to provide them at NO CHARGE a Security Doorbell Camera. The doorbell also reminded me of my unique relationship with one homeowner whom I’ve never even met…

(ONE requirement: they have a smart phone. If the the monthly monitoring fee is an issue, or aren’t sure about installation, we’ll figure something out.) Between Ed & Wahoo’s, Ring.com, John & me & YOU along with a few thousand of the kindest families I know, we CAN make our families safer!

Book signing! But, BUT – “What if you already HAVE ”The Ding Dong Diaries?” No problem. Your donation gets you to pre-order a SPECIAL edition of the SEQUEL, tentatively due Dec. 2019. It will have a bunch of content that will NOT be in the regular public release printing, and will only be available by pre-order. It’s going to have a special cover, pictures, stories I thought were too embarrassing from the current book, and this just in: 

I recently received a letter that absolutely floored me, humbled me, and actually made me cry on the spot. On the less serious side, it gave me THIS idea. Here’s your opportunity to take any kind of pot shot at me – good, bad and anything goes. The ONLY requirement is you SIGN your name – because it will GO INTO THE BOOK in the special Chino Hills only edition!

John+Jack Goal: To PROVIDE 1,000 RING Camera Doorbells to make 1,000 Chino Hills Families SAFER!


Update: Feb 14, 2018: If we could, John & I would love to give everyone a doorbell. But we can’t. We have to start somewhere.

OUR CURRENT GOAL, once we finalize negotiations, is to install ONE security doorbell EVERY WEEK in a Chino Hills home. JOHN & I ARE DOING THIS AS A WAY TO SAY THANK YOU TO OUR COMMUNITY, AS OUR WAY OF GIVING BACK. 
1. To make it fair, you don’t have to be a client, past or present or future. YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO LIKE ME, but you must be someone John or I have met & know.
2. As of this time, we are starting with our families where at least ONE of the PRINCIPAL homeowners is in their 90s & 80s, and very likely from ages 76 to 79 as well. It is our intent to make this an ONGOING project, for the rest of our careers. We’ll then move into the 70s & 60s and so forth.
3. The ONLY exceptions for the age requirement right now are:
a. You have been burglarized in the last 12 months (police report or verification needed);
b. One of the PRINCIPAL homeowners is disabled, or going through a serious medical condition.
4. For now, you must be someone John or I have met. (duplicate)
5. John & I reserve the right to make exceptions.
6. Should you receive a doorbell, but decide for whatever reason not to continue, PLEASE let us know so we can give it to another family.
7. I’m figuring out minimum requirements for installation. We are happy to coordinate with your designated family member or friend who would be willing to monitor your home with you.
8. There are NO strings attached. The doorbell is free. I’ve been told it is an easy install. I’M IN THE PROCESS OF COORDINATING LOCAL NEIGHBORHOOD VOLUNTEERS TO HELP OUT.
9. If you’re TOO YOUNG, Ring.com is setting up a special account for us. You will get a $25 discount upfront for EVERY item you buy. Then you’ll have two options:
a) You can choose to get a 25% rebate that will make your cost lower than Costco, Amazon or Walmart. OR – 
b) You can choose to “PAY IT FORWARD” and have us apply your rebate towards another senior’s home in Chino Hills!
Either way, you’re good!

If you have a question I have not answered, please use the form below:


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